Margo (margo_qu) wrote,


There are few emotions that are damaging. Among those are jealousy, anger, hate, fear. But all of these are nothing compare to one. This emotion arises from other negative feelings and completes them all. Anger can empower you. Hate can make you stronger. Fear can transform to bravery. But guilt will stay there inside you and keep drilling inside your mind, your health and your life. Other emotions when satisfied can be transformed into the positive forces, and guilt will stay there inside you. You can never find peace. You can never be free if you have guilt. How one can free himself from guilt? By knowing the guilt. By observing it. By accepting it.

You don't feel compassion to your wife, your husband, your child? Because of this you feel guilty. This is stupid. Guilt is not going to change things, but because of it you would never know the truth, you would be walking away from yourself.

Guilt is a source of anxiety. Guilt is a source of damaged minds and bodies. Guilt is a source why people don't live, but pretend. When guilt leaves you, the emptiness will be filled with joy.
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